Monday, August 22, 2011

Miniature Monday Project: My Witch and Her Castle - Part 2

My castle room is progressing nicely!  Part 1 of this project can be found HERE.  I painted the foam to look like stone by using a series of color washes and sponged layers.

I wanted to make sure that there was no blue showing through.  My first step was to use a thin wash of burnt umber. I concentrated on each of the stone separations and any cracks I created.

I did another coat of the wash to make sure I had complete coverage.  Once that dried completely, I painted both pieces in burnt umber.  It is important to let your work dry in between coats so that the colors are blended properly.  You will be tempted to fuss with it, but don't.

Next I used a regular kitchen sponge cut into small pieces to layer my gray from dark to light.  I used Delta Ceramcoat in Dark Gray, Hammered Iron, Quaker Gray, Mudstone, and Sandstone.  Sponging randomly and allowing each coat to dry.

The floor has had a layer of lighter paint sponged on.  I snapped this photo so you could see the difference each layer makes.  I'm including a fireplace in my scene.  I applied the same paints and techniques to a resin fireplace I had in my stash.  Using the x-acto knife, I carved a niche out of the wall base and painted that with the hammered iron.

Once I was satisfied with the wall and fireplace, I used tacky glue and my clamps to adhere the fireplace to the wall.

Join me next week for Part 3.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This looks amazing and I wish I had found your blog weeks ago! I'm curious though, why did you do a wash in burnt umber and then paint it in burnt umber?