Monday, May 16, 2011

Miniature Monday - Wooden Vase Shop

This shop is 1/12th scale and measures 12"wide by 11"high by 9" deep.  All of the tiny vases are hand turned out of a variety of wood.  I purchase them everywhere I go.

The beautiful doll is made by IGMA Artist Gisele Hanson. The lovely painting in the background was hand done (with itty bitty brushes and acrylic paint) by my friend Heidi Gordon.

YES, that cat has fur! His name is Fred, and he's the store's guard cat.  He was sculpted and painted by Linda, an amazing miniature artist that I purchase from on EBAY.  Check her out - her seller's ID is linda060060.  I wove those baskets with waxed linen thread and stained them walnut.

The potted plant on the shelf was a purchase from Grapevine Miniatures.

Thanks for looking!