Monday, April 25, 2011

Miniature Monday - Private Chapel

Yesterday, my family and I celebrated Easter.  That made me think about today's project, a diorama made a while back when I was practicing "stone making."  It's a private chapel in a castle, just for the Lord and Lady.

The box is constructed from 1/4" plywood.  I made the walls and floor by covering them with spackle, and once dry, I carved out each stone.  I then painted and distressed them to look like stone.

The altar is wood and cardstock painted to look like stone.  The candles on the altar are made from polymer clay.  I made each prie dieu (kneelers) with balsa wood stained walnut and a bit of scrapbooking velvet for the upholstery.  I must have made 5 of them before I was pleased with the result!

The mural is a printout. I framed it with wood and painted the wood to look like stone.

The finished piece is closed with an 11X14 purchased frame.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks so much for looking!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Miniature Monday - Two's Company Dolls

Last Fall I happened upon a wonderful Mother/ Daughter team of doll artists;  Jennifer and Elizabeth Yankowski.  Their official name is Two's Company and you can find their blog here.

Their attention to detail is incredible. Tiny folds, tiny accessories, I fell in love.

The way the dolls are dressed and posed tell a story:

The boy is wearing leather boots that are laced up perfectly.  He came with the rooster and the handmade cage.
These two ladies have snuck out for a drink:

Though sold separately, I couldn't resist pairing them. The smiling maid came with her own bottle and a beautifully made duster.  The other so good as the "lookout".

Thanks for looking!