Monday, March 31, 2014

Miniature Monday: Crochet Animals for the Nursery

My very talented friend Gladys creates the most amazing stuffed animals with her crochet needle and thread. We have two sales at our miniature club every year.  This is the only place Gladys sells her wonderful creations.  The two monkeys have tiny pacifiers in their mouths.  The purple elephant is less than an inch wide.  She also makes shawls, baby blankets and clothes.  Every piece more amazing than the next.  She tried to give me miniature knitting pointers, but one shawl later, I decided that I like buying them made MUCH better.

Confession time; I bought all of these at this month's sale!

If you'd like to incorporate sales at your miniature club, here are a few rules that we follow and have worked for us:
1)The sale is held during the same months every year so that vendors and buyers can prepare.  We have ours in November and March.
2) During the remainder of the year, we respect club time for having fun and making miniature projects.
3) We ask the vendors to set up prior to the meeting and cover their sale items.  We then begin our meeting, giving everyone time to come in and get settled.  About an hour later, we announce the sale is open and all the goodies get uncovered.  That gives all members a fair chance at all the great sale items.
4) Everyone brings labels with their names on them.  I've often forgotten my labels and used blue tape with my initials.  You can put your label on anything you want to purchase, then settle up with the vendor at any time during the meeting.  This gives members the opportunity to browse, see what was purchased and enjoy the meeting without feeling rushed.
5)  When we had limited space in our meeting room, we gave each member who wanted to sell a set amount of table space.  Now that we have a large meeting room, our members can bring as much as they want to sell.
6) We ask that the items for sale be miniature related.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Miniature Monday: Christmas Ornaments from December 2013

Today, I'm sharing my two favorite Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments from this past Christmas season.

The first brought back memories of my 17 year old when he was a baby.  We purchased a full sized Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for him at a yard sale for $2.  He used it, my nephews and nieces used it, and my youngest who is now 11 used it.  We passed it on to our next door neighbor's little girl and it went to a new home last year at the yard sale.  Talk about a great return on my investment.  The miniature version of the coupe is the perfect 1/12th scale.

The second is a pink kitchenette.  It's the perfect scale as a toy kitchenette in the dollhouse.  The doors open and the stove can light.  I had one of these when I was a child.  My Mother had ordered it from the Spiegel's catalog (I'm so old!) complete with pots and pans.  I loved that little kitchenette.

I hope that you guys remembered to check the ornaments this past holiday seasons for special purchases of your own.

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