Monday, March 21, 2011

Miniature Monday - Venetian Palazzo!

Welcome to Miniature Monday! Today's feature is another favorite of mine.  I attended Molly Cromwell's Sturbridge Miniature Festival.  I had a blast shopping and I signed up for the 4 day Venetian Palazzo with Bluette.

The furniture is all made by Bespaq.  They are beautifully detailed pieces.  I used  painting techniques to make the table tops look like marble and the furniture is painted gold with Ceramcoat Metallics.  The amazing flower arrangements are handcrafted by Paula Gilhooley.

The hallway, 2nd floor landing and terrace give the illusion that the space continues.  The chandelier and wrought iron on the landing are both made by Miniature Artist J. Getzan.  I was having a hard time deciding on more accessories, so I've left the scene alone.  As I travel to different miniature shows, I often find pieces that work and I add them.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Blog Giveaway Winner!

Hello everyone and THANK YOU for participating.  All of the lovely comments truly made my heart soar.

As directed by my wonderful Ustream viewers, I went to, plugged everyone's name that left a comment into a list and hit ENTER.  Here are the results:

Congratulations to GodsMixedMediaGirl, You are the WINNER!!!!!

Please e-mail me your information and I will send you your prize:

Again, thank you all for participating.  This was so much fun, I will be doing it again.

As always, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miniature Monday - The Farmer and his Wife

THANK YOU for all of your wonderful comments on my FIRST blog giveaway.  I am so very grateful for the encouragement and I'm super excited to see who wins next week!

Today's miniature scene features a very talented Doll Artisan,  Marcia Backstrom.  I was lucky enough to win this work of art at an auction. 

The Farmer and his Wife.  Still in love after all these years, surrounded by nature.  Looking at them makes me so happy.  I know, I'm a romantic fool!

Marcia's dolls are amazing.  The age lines in their faces, realistic features, fingers and the tiny details in the clothing.

The scene is 1/12th scale.  To give you an idea of the size, that's my hand next to the dolls.  Amazing isn't it?

Check out Marcia's Website and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!