Monday, August 15, 2011

Miniature Monday Project: My Witch and Her Castle - Part 1

A few weeks ago, I attended the NYC Miniature Doll List Convention.  I took two classes that weekend.  The doll workshop was taught by Helena from Belgium   Her work is amazing!
She came with beautifully prepared porcelain dolls and all of the materials needed to finish lovely witches. This one is mine, dressed and wigged with Helena’s careful guidance:
My doll was complete in class and once I got home, I couldn’t think of anything but creating a scene for her.
The first thing to decide on was the structure.  I have an obsession with glassed in terrariums and giant candle holders so I had the perfect one in mind for my witch!

It opens at the top, and the panels are sealed with glass.  I decided I would be using blue builder’s foam for the wall and floor.  Since I would be working outside of the structure, I first drew a pattern of the floor and wall panel, then cut that out of the builder’s foam.  This is what the foam looks like before I started the treatment:

Using an X-Acto knife and ruler, I carefully cut two inch wide by 1 inch tall blocks on the wall, and a more random pattern on the floor.  Once those were cut, I went in with a stylus to define the stones a bit more:

Join me for part 2 of this project – painting the foam to look like stones.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Awesome doll! Can't wait to see the finished project. :)

  2. Blue builders foam looks different than regular foam board. It is an interesting choice and I shall look at it next time I am at the hardware store.