Monday, February 27, 2017

Miniature Monday: Books Books and More Books

I am in a miniature book making frenzy!

I took a workshop with Teresa Layman in October.  Her website is HERE.   This is a picture of her prototype for Natalie's Garden House (of course mine is still in progress and I hope it eventually looks this amazing!):

I'm planning  to make a circular bookshelf for a part of the back wall and need tons of books. I've been making books for the last few weeks and wanted to share my progress so far:

I also wanted to share the sources of reference material that I especially loved for miniature book making.  I looked at so many You Tube videos, purchased kits, looked at tutorials on full size books, and made my own book spines to print out.  I started out feeling pretty ambitious wanting all the books to have open pages.  I quickly realized that the books that barely show don't need that level of detail and moved on to the next (easier) technique.  For the assortment above, I used about five different types of materials for the pages.

YouTube Channels and the Tutorials I watched:

DollhouseDesigns  Making Miniature Dollhouse Books
We Love Miniatures  How to Make Miniature Books
AkameruKawaii  Miniature Scrolls & Spell Books
Maive Ferrando  Miniature Spell Books Tutorial
The Mouse Mansion  Miniature Books Tutorial
The Square to Spare  How to Make Miniature Books

Kits that I purchased:

Mini Mundus - 89 Small Antiquarian Book Covers  - I purchased this kit a very long time ago when images of open books weren't readily available on the internet.  I picked it up at a show, but this link is the actual company that makes the kits.  They sell 3 different book cover kits and book cases. The quality is amazing and since these books look new, they will provide a nice variety on my shelves alongside the old tattered books.

LDelaney's Miniature Book Kit and Tutorial (Etsy) -  Visit Lady Delaney's Etsy shop not just for the great book kit but also a wide variety of books that are already done and available for purchase.

I hope this is helpful!  I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. esa casita se ve preciosa, su futuro dueño estara muy ocupado leyendo tanto libro , muchas gracias por todos los links



  2. Wow! Your books look wonderful! I also suffer from the wish to have all my books have pages.... probably why I don't have any completed book shelves full of books! LOL! Thank you for all the shared sources... sometimes it is daunting to try to know where to start! I really do want to see more of this project! I Love books!

    1. Some of those book pages are pieces of the thick cardboard in the back of a water color paper pad! I was shocked how good they looked. I hope you'll consider making some of the books the easy way to fill the shelves and save yourself lol.

  3. You did an excellent job with your books.
    Thanks so much for the links.
    Hugs, Drora