Monday, May 26, 2014

Miniature Monday: Fairy Habitat Under New Ownership

I made a lovely fairy habitat in a Bill Lankford class.  You can see his finished structure by clicking HERE.  As you can see, his version is amazing, and mine did look like that when I left the class.

Bill's workshops are wonderful and I finished the entire structure in class.  When I brought it home, one of our cats, Max, appropriated it as her own (even after I moved it higher up!)

Yes, most of the flowers and vines are gone - she didn't like them and tore them off. The balcony handrail is also gone.

Yes, she's a sassy kitty, but we love her.

I have not furnished my fairy habitat, for fear of what the new owner, Max the cat, may think (and do) to the new additions.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello Ketsia,
    Great project. you did a fantastic job. How can you be mad at max with a face like that!
    Big hug,

    1. She is very adorable. I find it interesting that once she got her setting exactly how she wanted it, the destruction stopped. Cats are so funny!

  2. Nice idea! I have to tell you the higher up you put it the more Max will like it. Cats like lions like to perch. :-)

    1. That is her official perch. I honestly thought I was making it more difficult for her to get up there, but she's a jumper and climber. Now she's the queen of the world!

  3. Cute. If cats decide they like something they will go to extremes to reach it. It is a great project and Max obviously recognises that.

  4. A really Charming project Ketsia! It is so very "Once Upon a Time" :))