Monday, November 25, 2013

Miniature Monday: Karen Aird's 4th Annual Miniature Show

On Sunday the ladies and I took the 1 hour trip to Warren, New Jersey for Karen Aird's 4th Annual Holiday Show (Click Here for her Website). Here are some general highlights:

I wanted to buy........ALL of them.

This picture cannot do the paintings or needlepoint rugs justice!

The bookshelf is full of the most amazing handcrafted books.  The artist, Marilyn Crockette, told me the rugs take her months to complete.  I can believe that since my bath mat kit took me a million years (still not done.....)

This show was the perfect size for me. One large ballroom and the outside hall.   I am easily distracted by conversation and really love to chat with the vendors, especially ones I've never met and those who handcraft their items. I also have to look at absolutely everything on each table.  I got caught up at a vendor selling back issues of magazines  and waging a marketing campaign the likes of which I've never seen.  They host a new online community for miniaturists Smallisimo (click here for their website).  I was very excited to meet their team and look forward to browsing their site.  I'm ridiculous about my miniature magazine collection.  They are arranged on one huge wall in my home office and I have an excel workbook to keep track of which ones I have and which I'm missing.  I refer to them all the time for how-to's and inspiration.

This show was amazing, Karen did a great job.  Back when I made porcelain dolls and was a vendor myself, Karen and I always had our tables next to or near each other.   I was thrilled when she mentioned she would be starting her own show in our area!  At yesterday's show, Karen provided a buffet of snacks, coffee, tea and water available all day to the vendors and shoppers.  She even had her young helpers walking around handing out fresh baked goodies to keep your shopping energy up!  That was such a great idea, I didn't even break for lunch.  I bought a lot of good stuff!  Close up photos of my favorite items in upcoming posts.

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  1. I went to my first miniature show in Atlanta & it was not very big, but I was there forever looking at the minis. I too wanted to take it ALL in :). Looks like a great time & I am looking forward to more pictures.

  2. thank you for sharing your photos of the show I really liked seeing the mini food and they flowers. and I too am looking foreward to more photos

    Marisa :)

  3. I have been to mini shows in Charlotte, Atlanta and Dayton. Never have I been offered refreshments! The items look like real quality items. I must coordinate the next show with a visit to Round Valley.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope to go next year.