Monday, February 18, 2013

Miniature Monday: Flower Shop In Progress

I've been taking some of my plants and flowers out of their packaging to furnish this shop I have in progress.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I need some pretty plants like those! I'll have to send my girls over there to your shop I guess. LOL
    Looking forward to seeing the completed shop. :-)

  2. OMG Ketsia! You are AMAZING! I love your miniature flowers & pots & stands! Can't wait to see the whole shop :)

  3. Hi Ketsia! What a healthy dose of hope and optimism, flowers bring to the soul! It is March 2013 as I write this and looking at your flower shop puts a smile on my face as I think of what lies ahead when this cold weather is behind us. It is nice to be able to take our treasures and place them out where they can cheer us and also make others happy as well.