Monday, September 12, 2011

Miniature Monday Project: My Witch and Her Castle - Part 4 Final!

The next part of my process was to patina the roof.  Although the color was fine, I wanted to give it a little something.  I used Americana acrylic paint in Asphaltum, Sophisticated Finishes - Copper Metallic Surfacer and Patina Geen Antiquing Solution.  You can find these at your craft or art stores.

The dark acrylic paint served as my base coat.
I then layered two coats of the Copper Metallic Surfacer. 

While the second coat is tacky, I lightly brushed on the Patina Green Antiquing Solution.  This is what the roof looks like before the solution has completed "antiquing":

And this is the completed effect a few hours after it's dry:

Here is the structure.  I have to add something over the fireplace, and I'm going to hang a fire breathing dragon from the inside of the dome.

I made this table out of wood strips, used Anita's Crackle Finish then aged it with burnt umber acrylic wash.  I made most of the items in the room and on the table from found objects, beads, bits of wood.  The candles are made from polymer clay.  The stacked books are leather bound and created by my friend, Marilyn Crockett.

That's a baby dragon peering into the fireplace!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for looking!