Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art Journal Every Day

Julie Balzer is encouraging everyone to spend at least 10 minutes a day making art in or for your Art Journal. You can join any time!  Click here for her website

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been carving out those 10 minutes, and sometimes more, every day!  I painted backgrounds, cut up collage elements and photos, started a mini album during a virtual crop – kept it totally low stress and no pressure.

I love Julie’s workshops, she’s an amazing instructor.   A few months ago, I attended one at  The Ink Pad .   We created an altered book and I am hooked.  This was the first time I got to hack up an old book and it was an experience.  I can still hear Julie’s voice, “Don’t be scared, just rip those pages out!”

 I recently purchased goodies to finish my cover, but for some reason, I feel stuck!  Here are pictures of what I got, and my “in progress” altered journal:

I enjoyed the process and I’m trying to get used to the idea that I don’t have to call my book finished. I have it on my work table and do something to the inside almost every day.  In the next few weeks, I really really really want to complete the cover!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely journal! I dont decorate the front of mine so I cant help you here!

  2. Just keep working on the inside pages and (maybe) by the time you have finished, the cover will reveal itself to you...

  3. Great Ketsia! Love seeing what you're doing.